• Calendar of Scheduled Tours

    Calendar of Scheduled Tours

    Take a look at our upcoming tours and please contact us for further information. Various departure dates are available.

Calendar of Scheduled Tours


APRIL                   12-14th  Normandy 3 Day Tour
  22-26th Henry VIII Tour                            
MAY                         9-13th     Bridgerton England Tour
     13-15th  Jane Austen Tour
  16-18th  Brontes Tour
  17-19th  Normandy 3 Day Tour
  29-2nd June Sir Winston Churchill Tour
  31-6th June Platinum Jubilee Tour
JUNE 4-8th Normandy - 6th Airborne: British Airborne                                                    
  4-8th  Normandy 5 Day D-Day Anniversary Tour      
  9-13th  Battle of the Bulge Tour
  16-20th Gardens of the South-East Tour
  17-19th  Jane Austen Tour
  20-22nd Brontes Tour
JULY 4-8th               Bridgerton England Tour
  8-10th  Jane Austen Tour
  11-13th  Brontes Tour
  12-14th  Normandy 3 Day Tour
SEPTEMBER 9-11th  Jane Austen Tour
  12-14th  Brontes Tour
  13-15th  Normandy 3 Day Tour
  15-19th  Gardens of the South-East Tour
  16-20th  Arnhem - Operation Market Garden: British Airborne                                         
  19-23rd Bridgerton England Tour
OCTOBER                 7-11th  Henry VIII Tour
  11-13th  Normandy 3 Day Tour

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