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1945 US Troops Drive into Germany Group Tour

1945 US Troops Drive into Germany Group Tour

1945 US Troops Drive into Germany Group Tour

Nearly a year after the beaches of Normandy were stormed, the Allied push across western Europe was nearly complete. Paris had been liberated and the brutal Battle of the Bulge won. During a bitter winter, the final press into Nazi Germany took place, as the US troops moved forward, taking vital targets and overcoming the enemy as they went...

Tour Highlights

  • The remains of the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen. Surprised to find one of the last bridges over the Rhine still standing, US troops captured it despite heavy German resistance. An important strategic victory, the bridge allowed the Allies to quickly transport five divisions across the Rhine into the Ruhr, before it finally collapsed. 
  • Explore other strategic points along the Rhine. 
  • Berchtesgaden, home to Hitler's prized mountain retreat and perceived as the jewel in the Nazi crown. 
  • The liberation of Munich, birthplace of the Nazi Party. 
  • Nuremberg, a symbolic city in the Third Reich, the setting for Nazi Party rallies, huge propaganda displays and some of Hitler’s most maniacal speeches.
  • Prague, one of the last offensives of World War II. 
  • The Ruhr pocket, where Germany Army Group B was surrounded and where the Allies captured the industrial heart of Germany.
  • See where Eisenhower switched his main thrust to US 12th Army Group, who advanced to the Elbe.
  • The locations where the US First Army made initial contact with the advancing Soviets and where the 6th Army Group headed into Austria.
  • Follow the US forces as they link up in Germany and Italy.

What Our Clients Say

I was very fortunate to be on their 70th and 75th D-Day celebration tours. The service and attention to details was exceptional. It was very moving to go back.

As a Jane Austen enthusiast, this tour was perfect - and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath was just fabulous to see!

Words fail me...The Downton Abbey was a perfectly wonderful travel experience! We did not know we would be the ONLY guests at the Abbey. When we realised how truly exclusive our tour was we were speechless! Surreal being there and actually meeting Lady Carnarvon.