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The Mayflower & Pilgrim Fathers Group Tour

The Mayflower & Pilgrim Fathers Group Tour

The Mayflower & Pilgrim Fathers Group Tour

A fascinating story of bravery and never giving up. Follow the Mayflower trail and learn about the Pilgrim Fathers and the Puritans who left England for the New World in search of new beginnings.

2020 marked the 400th anniversary of the historic voyage of the Mayflower ship from the UK to the 'New World' of America in 1620. We can design a bespoke tour for your group, commemorating the legacy of the passengers and crew who undertook the epic journey, inspired by a desire for freedom, new beginnings and religious tolerance.

Tour Highlights

  • The world-famous Mayflower Steps and Pilgrims Point in Plymouth, from where the Mayflower Pilgrims set sail in The Mayflower on 16 September 1620. The Mayflower Museum, to explore tales of merchant families and learn about the fishing industry, the military harbour and emigration to the New World. See the Mayflower Pilgrims Remembered Gallery and also a model of the Mayflower itself. 
  • East Anglia where many of the Mayflower Pilgrims came from. Visit Harwich, where the Mayflower was believed to have been built and which has retained much of its 17th Century charm. The Mayflower was commanded by her Master, Captain Christopher Jones. See his home and the church where he married.
  • Norwich, where many of the Mayflower Pilgrims originated. See St Andrew's Church, which had links to John Robinson, a freelance clergyman who became pastor to the Mayflower Pilgrims and the Old Meeting House. 
  • Scrooby and Babworth, home to the leading Separatists who became the first leaders of the Pilgrim Movement. See the remains of the Manor House at Scrooby, the home of William Brewster, who drove the development of the US celebration of Thanksgiving.
  • Bassetlaw Museum in Nottinghamshire to see research on the origins of the Separatists and the Mayflower Pilgrims, including a document from William Bradford's History of Plimoth Plantation, the Orbituary of William Brewster and letters from John Robinson.
  • Gainsborough Old Hall, home of ardent Puritans William and Rose Hickman, where John Smyth, one of the principal members of the Movement, held meetings. 
  • Boston in Lincolnshire, where in 1607 a group of Pilgrims led by William Brewster and William Bradford attempted to escape to The Netherlands and where John Cotton, who later helped to found the city of Boston, Massachusetts in 1630, was Vicar. See the cells where the Pilgrims were held at Boston Guildhall.
  • Austerfield, birthplace of William Bradford, first elected Governor of the Plymouth Colony of Massachusetts. See the manor house where he was born and the church where he was baptised with its Pilgrim-themed stained glass window marking the 400th anniversary of his baptism.
  • Immingham Creek, where the Separatists finally escaped from. Visit the Museum for the Pilgrim Fathers' Story exhibition. 
  • Droitwich Spa, birthplace of Edward Winslow and the historic city of Worcester where Winslow attended school at the Cathedral. Worcester was the last city to support King Charles II during the English Civil War. 
  • Key London sites including Westminster Abbey where Oliver Cromwell, the country's prominent Puritan leader is buried and the stained glass window depicting the Mayflower Pilgrims; Southwark Cathedral where John Harvard was baptised; the prison where you will see instruments used to torment the Separatist prisoners and Rotherhithe, where some Pilgrims joined the Mayflower and the famous Mayflower pub.
  • Dartmouth, where the Speedwell was repaired. Follow the Mayflower Heritage Trail and learn about 17th Century Dartmouth.
  • We can also extend the tour to Holland and Leiden, where many of the Pilgrims escaped to.

What Our Clients Say

I was very fortunate to be on their 70th and 75th D-Day celebration tours. The service and attention to details was exceptional. It was very moving to go back.

As a Jane Austen enthusiast, this tour was perfect - and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath was just fabulous to see!

Words fail me...The Downton Abbey was a perfectly wonderful travel experience! We did not know we would be the ONLY guests at the Abbey. When we realised how truly exclusive our tour was we were speechless! Surreal being there and actually meeting Lady Carnarvon.