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William Morris Group Tour

William Morris Group Tour

William Morris Group Tour

Reacting to what he saw as lack of style in typical Victorian drawing rooms, Morris' stunning work with colour and design opposed the trend for dark over-decorated living spaces. A famous architect, furniture and textile designer, associated with the 19th Century Arts and Crafts Movement which influenced many English houses, his iconic prints and designs are still very popular today and his work with stained glass, wallpapers, carpets and print continues to influence contemporary style. See his designs showcased across the UK, in stately homes, the William Morris Gallery, the V&A and designer department store, Liberty of London.

Tour Highlights

  • William Morris Gallery at Water House - Morris's teenage home and now the best collection of work by Morris and his contemporaries. Take a journey through the life and inspirations of William Morris and view the galleries and collections.
  • Standen, a National Trust property, built by Philip Webb, an architectural friend and colleague of Morris. The interior, furniture and furnishings are by Morris & Co.
  • Kelmscott Manor, Morris' summer home in the Cotswolds. View the iconic collection of artwork and objects owned and designed by Morris, including items from each of Morris’s London homes, including several designed for the Red House.
  • Red House, a National Trust property, which was the only house commissioned, created and lived in by Morris. Admire the original features and furniture designed by Morris.
  • Emery Walker's House, thought to be one of the few houses in the world to have original Morris & Co wallpaper in nearly every room including some rare designs and colourways. The hallway is furnished with Morris hangings and features what is believed to be the only example of Morris lino surviving in its original domestic setting.
  • Oxford, where Morris attended university and where he developed his interest in art and architecture. See examples of his beautiful stained glass work in cathedral and church windows. Visit Exeter College, attended by Morris. The College has some of his personal belongings and the Archives have records of his matriculation, examination results and accounts for his accommodation. 
  • Morris & Co windows at All Saints Church at Selsley.
  • The Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum with its internationally important Designated collection of the British Arts and Crafts Movement. The collection showcases the colourful designs and craft skills of the makers, as well as the thought-provoking social message of the Movement.
  • Wightwick Manor, a National Trust property, whose owners took inspiration from Oscar Wilde’s lecture on 'the House Beautiful'. The Manor's interiors reflect Wilde’s commitment to the principles of the Aesthetic Movement and the ideals of ‘art for art’s sake’, showcasing the designs of William Morris and his British Arts and Crafts contemporaries.
  • V&A Museum in Kensington, London to see the William Morris collection and enjoy Victorian afternoon tea in the William Morris Room. 
  • Tour of Morris' London, including Liberty of London, the gorgeous Regent Street store synonymous with luxury since 1875, where Morris' designs are in abundance on anything from silk scarves to stationary. Bloomsbury, famous for its artists and novelists, where Morris lived and where Morris & Co was founded. See the company showroom on Oxford Street. 
  • Kelmscott House in London, now the William Morris Society Headquarters. Listen to a talk and enjoy coffee with the Curator.

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I was very fortunate to be on their 70th and 75th D-Day celebration tours. The service and attention to details was exceptional. It was very moving to go back.

As a Jane Austen enthusiast, this tour was perfect - and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath was just fabulous to see!

Words fail me...The Downton Abbey was a perfectly wonderful travel experience! We did not know we would be the ONLY guests at the Abbey. When we realised how truly exclusive our tour was we were speechless! Surreal being there and actually meeting Lady Carnarvon.